Optimization Formula-1 Team

  • project name: PROP
  • reporting level: CEO, CFO
  • project duration: 18 months

A team of 2 senior consultant and a partner is hired, to analyse and optimize the processes in the production plant of a formula-1 team. The project team is full-time on site.

The project starts with the client’s working hypothesis that “the IT systems are not working in optimal harmonization”. This hypthesis can be confirmed after a short analysis phase. Subsequently SAP- and PLM systems as well as a CATIA-plugin are changed for better information transparency. Our project team defines and controls necessary changes with the client and his vendor specific software development teams.

Based on the results of the overall process analysis it is possible to present and optimize a transparent product development process. Our project team aligns importnant decisions with client management. Key-functions like program planning, purchasing, aero-design, construction and production control are always involved.